Vouchers made easy with VoucherThing

VoucherThing lets you run voucher campaigns straight from your iPad. Create campaigns, send vouchers, measure engagement. It’s simple to use, requires no sign up and the apps are free for merchants and customer. Have a look at our video before which explains a bit more about how it works.

VoucherThing works the three Cs of marketing – Campaigns, Customers and Capture.


The VoucherThing Merchant app allows you to create campaigns and discount vouchers. Vouchers featuring scannable QR codes can be sent by email to customers.  There is a generous free monthly limit of vouchers sent and redeemed that can be bypassed through an in-app purchase.

The VoucherThing Client app allows customers to store vouchers and also provides a unique way of discovering VoucherThing merchants.


Both the VoucherThing Client and Merchant apps use iBeacon tracking technology to message the users that a partner is nearby. The customers or merchants proximity is then shown on the radar-like customer screen on the app. Additionally even if the app is not activated you can choose to receive alerts if a VoucherThing partner is close by giving you unrivalled access to new leads.



The VoucherThing Merchant app allows easy redemption of vouchers using a built in QR scanner which gives the details of the transaction. You can then easily generate reports on customers and voucher returns and measure the success of your campaigns.

VoucherThing lets you not only create vouchers but also find new customers using Apples amazing iBeacon technology. It’s anonymous but lets you find out how many potential VoucherThing customers are out there!

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