Run Campaigns

Run Campaigns

Create Campaigns with VoucherThing

Easily create voucher and coupons campaigns using VoucherThing for Merchants.  You can send, receive & process vouchers, analyse their usage, check campaign progress and send campaign overviews all from your iPad. VoucherThing for Merchants enables you to send vouchers in email form along with a QR code and an encoded attachment. The customer can show the QR code on their phone or print the voucher out for use later – when they want to redeem it in your store you can scan it with the built-in QR scanner.

Connect locally

VoucherThing is all about connecting with local customers. If the customer also installs their own VoucherThing app then they can save their vouchers in the app for convenience as well as receive notifications when they pass other VoucherThing enabled merchants.

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