Get Involved

Taking VoucherThing to the community

VoucherThing is a new concept in customer engagement for small and local businesses. For it to succeed then we need you to get involved, try it out and provide us with feedback.

You can download VoucherThing for free!  Try it out – join our mailing list – spread the word and get free stuff!  VoucherThing t-shirts and stickers for your shop, your booth, your stall.   Tell us about the innovative ways you’ve used VoucherThing!   The more people know about it and the more it’s used then the better we can make it!

Get involved by talking to your customers, to your local shops

VoucherThing only works if the community works. Tell your local businesses, tell your friends and spread the word in the local community. Shops, market stalls, road warriors. Reach out, engage, get involved.

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