Growing your business

Grow your business with VoucherThing

Grow your business with VoucherThing

What makes your business special?

Simple – it’s you.

Your passion, your time and your belief are the things that make your business tick. You started it, you nuture it and you want it to be better and bigger day by day. But when you’re running the day-to-day it’s sometimes easy to lose track of the bigger picture.

As your business grows the things you may have once taken for granted are now less clear. Questions such as who is your best customer? What is your most popular product? When do you do the most business? Can you easily interpret your sales figures or are you too busy selling to get that breakdown?

Meet VoucherThing

VoucherThing gives you, as a merchant, invaluable insight into your customer behaviour while increasing their loyalty to your business.

How does it do this?

VoucherThing is about three Cs – Customers, Campaigns and Capture. Find customers using the VoucherThing for customers companion app, run campaigns using VoucherThings voucher generation software, and capture back vouchers to close the loop and allow you to see when your vouchers come in and who the best customers are.

Effortless analytics

VoucherThing allows you to effortlessly capture analytics and build up a database of willing customers. This in turn means better targeted campaigns in future and more business for you.

How do I start?

Three simple steps:

1. If you have an iPad then download the app today – it’s free to send up to 50 vouchers per month and if
you want more you can purchase unlimited vouchers in-app.

2. Tell your customers to get the companion app – VoucherThing for customers. It’s completely free and can
inform customers when they are near a VoucherThing merchant. Merchants also get to see how many VoucherThing
customers are nearby. The location tracking system is completely safe and anonymous and transits no personal

3. Create your first campaign! It’s really simple and quick. Then you can start to send vouchers to your customers.

It’s that simple! Send vouchers, scan vouchers, give discounts. Look out for tutorials on how to use VoucherThing and be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get more information about using VoucherThing for your business.

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