Effective voucher campaigns with VoucherThing

VoucherThing for Merchants is an iPad application that allows the local business to easily set up and manage their own voucher campaigns. Campaigns can be created for any purpose but for the most part the owner will want to encourage new business (make new leads) and also reward existing customers for their continued service.

You may choose to run a campaign over any time scale but to keep things manageable VoucherThing defaults the campaign to a month. This gives you enough time to distribute a meaningful amount of vouchers and also track their return rate.

How does VoucherThing work?

VoucherThing allows you to create a fixed amount of vouchers per campaign. The vouchers will be named according to the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or item that you are discounting and the amount of the discount in your local currency. When a customer is in the store you want to give them a voucher you will be able to send it to a nominated email address. The voucher email will include a QR (Quick Response) code along with an attachment. If the customer has the VoucherThing for customers app installed on their iPhone they can open this attachment in the VoucherThing app for safe keeping. The customer can also just present the email or a printout of the QR code and then you can scan the voucher using the ‘Capture’ screen of the VoucherThing for Merchants app.

Keeping track of your campaign

VoucherThing campaigns

VoucherThing campaigns

You’ll notice under the Campaigns page in the VoucherThing for merchants app that the campaigns have different colouring according to their status. If you’ve just started a campaign it will be green, if you’ve sent a few vouchers then it will be amber, towards the end of the campaign as you send more vouchers or the end date approaches the campaign will show as red. Ay expired campaigns will be shown blue and if you haven’t started the campaign yet it will be grey.

Individually vouchers will also show up as various colours – green for unsent, amber for sent but not redeemed and red for deemed. If you click on the ‘I’ button next to the campaign name you will be shown a graph of current campaign progress and be given the option to email a copy of campaign statistics to the company nominated email address or delete the campaign.

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